Geodetic Reality Futurist exploring the edges of believability.

MintFace ART on The Line

Geodetic Moments

The Geodetic Moments Collection explores how small shifts in our outlook can dramatically change what we see.

Geodetic Moment #90

We are all co-ordinates on the surface of the Earth. One co-ordinate faces forwards to the future. One co-ordinate faces backwards to the past. Both represent where we stand now.

  • Collection: Geodetic Moments

  • Mint Date: August 2021

  • Artworks: 100 1/1s

  • Collectors: 40

  • Availability: 12

  • Price: from 0.042 eth

  • Smart Contract: OpenSea Shared

  • Token: ERC-1155

Geodetic AI

I created a 'dark' Geodetic Monument and a 'light' Geodetic Monument derived from the previous collection to use as source material for the Geodetic AI study.

  • Collection: Geodetic Editions

  • Mint Date: February 2022

  • Artworks: 101 light and 101 dark

  • Collectors: 44 light and 44 dark

  • Availability: n/a

  • Price: none listed

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-721

The dark and light Geodetic artwork is stored permanently, on-chain as an SVG vector image.

Geodetic AI expresses heavy human emotions through symbolism layered over a Geodetic Monument.

The Geodetic AI collection was a personal breakthrough, realising AI could visualise internalised feelings from a simple text prompt.Read how AI began to influence my art practice in 2022.

Hidden Landscapes

A series of 18 paintings that reflect the hidden landscapes of our emotions.

In-painting skills advanced during the Geodetic AI study were applied to the 'Hidden Landscapes' collection to integrate symbolism into a distorted landscapes of suffering.

Geodetic Memory

Geodetic Memory unites the real world with the imagined in a moment of shared triumph.

Geodetic Memory

MintFace captured the photo IRL standing next to a Geodetic Monument, then incorporated an AI generated 'moon face' and 'mirror'.

  • Collection: Geodetic Memory

  • Mint Date: July 9th 2022

  • Artworks: 1 Open Edition

  • AI: DALL-E

  • Collectors: 481

  • Availability: Yes

  • Price: from 0.03 eth

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-721

Geodetic Signal

Our identity emerges from a pattern of signals we send to ourselves and the signals we broadcast to those around us.

Geodetic Signal

'Geodetic Signal' shows a moment where the sun and moon finally meet, representing the impossibility of being on opposite sides of the world from each other.

  • Collection: Geodetic Editions

  • Mint Date: July 12th 2022

  • Artworks: 1

  • AI: DALL-E

  • Collectors: 66

  • Availability: No

  • Price: N/A

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-1155


Geodetica documents the shortest visual path between human and machine. Can you comprehend what AI is observing anon?

AI was invited to interpret 100 artwork titles from the Geodetic Moments collection by MintFace.Geodetica is my most collected art to date.

  • Collection: Geodetica

  • Mint Date: August 2022

  • Artworks: 100 1/1's and 79 editions

  • AI: MidJourney v3

  • Collectors: 87

  • Availability: Yes

  • Price: from 0.03 eth

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-721

Geodetic World explores the context of distance. The Geodetic marker motif first explored in the 2021 Geodetic Moments collection is reinterpreted and layered over locations around the world.Distance separates, yet presence remains.

Roads and Rivers

Roads are for travelling. You choose the route and speed of your journey on your way to the next destination. Rivers go with the flow. You surrender to its course and travel at the pace of its drift.

The Roads and Rivers captures the moment humans intersect with nature. It is also a beacon to faraway places that says, we are over here. Come visit.

  • Collection: Roads and Rivers

  • Mint Date: October 2022

  • Artworks: 31 1/1's (collection in progress) and 3 editions

  • Collectors: 74

  • Availability: Yes

  • Price: from 0.025 eth

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-721 and ERC-1155

10K Project

The 10K Project is a love letter to the first 10,000 frens who followed @mintfaced on Twitter in 2021/2022.

10k Project celebrates MintFace gaining 10,000 NFT followers on Twitter by providing a 10k Virtual Residence in the metaverse.

  • Collection: 10K Project

  • Mint Date: May 2022

  • Artworks: 5x editions

  • Collectors: 1,083

  • Availability: Yes

  • Price: from 0.045 eth

  • Utility: Access to 10k Residence

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-1155

© Copyright is for the untokenised.

MintFace Projects


The MINTED Book documents artists who minted their creativity on the blockchain during 2021.The book is available on Amazon

The Line Metaverse

The Line is an art centered metaverse with the expressed goal of showing 1 million artworks in a single line. 1000+ artists have added over 20,000 artworks to date.Read more at

XNouns PFP

XNouns are Nouns with the X factor. Every 8 hours 8 minutes and 8 seconds a new XNoun is born. XNouns are well known enjoyooors of XCOPY artworks.View on


The XLIFE collection documents the machinations of memorable crypto moments through the lens of XCOPY.View collection on OpenSea

  • Collection: XLIFE

  • Mint Date: December 2022

  • Artworks: 5 editions of 100 to date

  • Collectors: 84

  • Availability: Yes

  • Price: from 0.03 eth

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-1155

Seize and Share Memes

The Seize and Share collection reimagines popular 2022 memes by documenting moments of historical note throughout the 2022 calendar year.View collection on OpenSea

  • Collection: Seize and Share

  • Mint Date: June 2022

  • Artworks: 2,562 editions

  • Collectors: 745

  • Availability: Yes

  • Price: from 0.05 eth

  • Smart Contract: Manifold

  • Token: ERC-721

I'm publishing a book about Geodetic Moments and the central theme of 'place'.I am inviting you to record an on-chain message about what ‘place’ means to you to go in the book. Your message will be permanently stored both on the blockchain and in the book.

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💌 Write 1-2 sentences about what place means to you
🤖 Convert your text message to Hex so robots can read it using this tool

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⬛️ Remove spaces. Make sure output delimiter is set to 'none' in the Hex text.

Send Message
🦊 In Metamask, turn on 'Show hex data' field in advanced settings so you can send the message.

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🤑 Send 0 eth to geodetic.eth and paste Hex data into Metamask field.
🤖 Add '0x' in front of your message in Hex text so it can be sent ok.

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8. DM me on Twitter @mintfaced to say you've sent the message. Include:
👉The Etherscan transaction URL
👉The Geodetic Moment # you own.
I will decode and add your message to the book.